Drum Lessons in Kettering: 


Drum lessons are availble at our teaching studios on Silver St in Kettering. 

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DRUM LESSONS IN KETTERING - we have a few openings for Drum lessons at the present moment. If you are interested in having Drum lessons in Kettering then please get in contact.


Drum Lessons in Kettering

Drum Lessons at ISM Music are taught in a 1-2-1 environment. This ensures that each lesson will be indidually tailored to suit each student's specific needs. Students of all ages and abilities are welcome. We offer both 30 minute lessons, as well as 1 hour lessons. There are many reasons why you might want to begin drum lessons - here are a few of our favourites:


Both RSL Awards (Rockschool) and Trinity College London can be covered throughout our drum school, both are accredited by the education authority. At grades 6,7,8 UCAS points are awarded for successful candidates. Graded exams are great for students who want to develop performance and technical skills. Graded exams are consist of performance pieces, technical exercises, sight-reading, aural tests and musical theory. All students gain valuable experience playing to music, developping key techniques and theory knowledge.

Specialist Knowledge

For more experienced players, it's important to continually develop new skills, techniques and ideas. Learning a new genre of music, such as Latin or Jazz, which are often used as a bench mark for advanced drummers and can be tremendous fun, but also very challenging. With our specialist drum teacher we can help you over come the independence issues this sometimes leads to. Chart reading can be overlooked by many players, but is great advantage when working in the studio as a professional.  Moeller method can be taught along with traditional grip. Whether you've been playing 5 years or 50 - there's always something new around the corner to challenge you. 


Drums are known for being a fun instrument and a great outlet for stress. They're great for beginners and within the first lessons, you'll be playing some well-known beats and from that moment you'll be hooked! Out teachers can also offer you advice on purchasing your first drum kit. Warn your neighbours - it's about to get noisy!

If your interested in drum lessons in Kettering by our professional drum teachers, then give us a call or send a text or email.

ISM Music Academy, 

1st & 2nd Floor (above supervision), 

20-21 Silver St, Kettering, Northants, NN16 0BN



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